Special Needs Financial Planning

When your child has a Disability …

Between running to and from specialist’s appointments, IEP/ARD meetings, occupational and speech therapy and caring for your child’s basic needs, there is little time to take care of the tasks of today let alone plan for tomorrow. In working with our office we will assist in navigating the special financial planning aspects that must be considered for the future such as:

  • Who would raise your child if something unexpectedly happened to you and/or your spouse?
  • How can you ensure enough money is left behind should your child require a lifetime of care?
  • What happens when your child turns 18? How can you continue to make medical and financial decisions on his or her behalf? And,
  • How can you ensure your child is not taken advantage of financially or emotionally if you are no longer there to protect him or her? 
  • How to choose legal guardians who can raise your child if something unexpectedly happens to you
  • How to ensure the guardians you choose have enough resources to provide your child with a lifetime of care
  • What are special needs trusts and how can they be used to preserve government benefits and safeguard your child from creditors and predators
  • Check Beneficiary designations on all life insurance,annuities and retirement plan accounts. these designations will override provisions made in your will.
  • How to handle the process of guardianship once your child turns 18 so you can continue making medical and financial decisions on his or her behalf
  • Why you need a team of trusted advisors NOW, and who should be on that team to ensure the long-term care and protection of your child
  • ….and more!

Discussions around financial factors, legal factors, governmental factors, family and support facts, emotional factors are all part of creating an effective action plan for your families future.