Market Insights – September 24, 2021

The major U.S. equity benchmarks shook off a big decline on Monday and ended the week with modest gains. But after the close on Monday, it looked as if a bigger decline was imminent as the S&P 500 recorded its worst drop since mid-May and dipped below its 100-day average. Monday’s decline really did seem […]

Planning for Your Goals with Monte Carlo

Financial plans are built using a Monte Carlo simulation to ensure durability against various market and life situations. Watch this video to see how your plan is built to last.

3 Critical Business Mistakes

Video to educate business-owning clients and prospects about critical mistakes to avoid

COVID-19 Causes College Enrollment to Shrink

The disruptions from COVID-19 have completely changed the college experience for many, prompting prospective students to reexamine whether a college degree is worth it. And the latest enrollment figures show the greatest decline in a decade. Consider that the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center recently reported that overall college enrollment fell to 16.9 million students, […]

Market Insights – August 27, 2021

U.S. stocks advanced on the week, despite geopolitical worries, as the smaller-cap Russell 2000 leapt an astonishing 5.1%. And the larger-cap S&P 500 and tech-infused NASDAQ posted gains every day except Thursday, hitting new highs each time, with much of the gains on the last trading day of the week. The Energy sector reversed its […]

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

S&P 500 Highs, #Mortgage Rate Lows, and Small-Cap and Growth #Stocks all on this week’s 3Pete with Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA. #FinanceNews

Market Insights – July 30, 2021

The major U.S. stock markets were mixed this week, as only the small-cap Russell 2000 advanced modestly. The other three indices all pulled back, but only after hitting record highs at the beginning of the week. It was a surprisingly busy week with a lot of earnings reports for Wall Street to digest as 177 […]

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

Active ETFs, #Lumber Prices, and Dropping #Bitcoin all on this week’s 3Pete with Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA. #FinanceNews

Walk in Our Shoes

The path that leads to financial success includes detours along the way. Allow us to be your co-pilot to keep you on track.

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

Check out IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley, as he discusses current events, market news, and other interesting investment tidbits. 

Market Insights – June 25, 2021

U.S. stock indices generally marched higher all week, amidst relatively low summer-like trading volume. The Energy sector was the big winner with a gain of more than 6%, helped along by the price of oil reaching its highest point since October 2018. The Federal Reserve was in the news again this week, this time saying […]

The Biggest Financial Pressures Facing Retirees (and How to Plan for Them)

As you plan for retirement, here are some of the most common financial challenges you may face and ideas on how to address them.

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

On today’s 3Pete, Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA talks value stocks’ ascension, inflation overshooting expectations, and TIPs having 2021’s largest inflow. Oh, and by the way, we got a green screen. 🤪

Retirement Income Education

Do you understand your retirement options? Working with a professional can help you understand the risk and reward associated with retirement strategies.

Global Market Commentary May 2021

Global equity markets were mixed for the month of May, as the larger-caps outperformed the smaller-caps, value stocks outperformed growth stocks, and the blue-chips outpaced the technology-names. And May also saw investors struggling between the competing forces of positive economic news and much-better-than-expected corporate earnings on the one hand and inflation and tax worries on […]

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

On the latest Weekly 3Pete, we’re talking the S&P’s first decline in a month, commodities surge and earnings setting records in Q1.

Business Planning

When the time comes, it’s important that you’re prepared for a smooth ownership transition of your business. This video explains how we can work together to prepare a plan for you.


Cryptocurrency in the Spotlight: Top 3 Things You Need to Know Now

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

Join Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA for another dose of your Weekly 3Pete. On the agenda today we have a review of Q1 2021, a rough quarter for iShares Aggregate Bond ETF, and the S&P’s record closing.

Market Insights – April 9, 2021

The larger-cap U.S equity benchmarks marched steadily to new record highs this week as the smaller-cap Russell 2000 ended the week with a small loss. NASDAQ was once again the best performer on the week, as it moved up over 3%, but the DJIA and S&P 500 each recorded gains of over 2% too. In […]

Special Needs Trust

Join George Cattat as he discusses the Special Needs trust. Special needs trust can ensure that a child with special needs is properly cared for, even after you’re gone.

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

Join Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA for the Weekly 3Pete as he discusses drawdowns in the U.S. Treasury Bond Index, a rise in air passenger numbers, and COVID-19 no longer being the largest ‘tail risk’.

The Ugly Truth About Managing Your Company’s 401(k)

“When you add up all of the plan’s expenses, are you (and your employees) receiving the value you expected or are you paying too much?”

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

He discusses current events, market news, and other interesting investment tidbits

Market Insights – March 12, 2021

Markets surge on another stimulus package while walls street digests and shrugs off a lot of economic data.

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

We’re talking a strong economic data week, copper’s big rally and crypto’s total market cap crossing the $1 trillion mark on this week’s 3Pete. Yo, Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA, what up?

Market Insight – February 19,2021

Market trades sideways as inflation worries creep back into the market amidst mixed economic data

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

In this week’s 3Pete, Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA updates us on the continuing GameStop saga, talks Google searches and offers some commentary on what the month of January meant for the S&P 500.

New President, New Policies

After months of election uncertainty, Joe Biden was inaugurated as our 46th president, bringing the peaceful transfer of executive power that defines us as a democracy.

Market Insights – January 29, 2021

Market retreats as David punches goliath in the face

IFP’s Director of Asset Management, Pete Nunley

In this episode of The Weekly 3Pete, Peter Nunley, CFA, MBA covers emerging markets, Bespoke’s Ludicrous indicator, and Game Stop’s big week.

Market Insights – December 11 , 2020

Small Caps continue to outshine the large caps while Doordash and Airbnb make their market debuts.

Market Insights – November 13, 2020

Positive vaccine news pushes equity markets mostly higher a sector rotation are starting to take shape.

Is Your Retirement Income at Risk?

Worried about what markets will do to retirement income? Not sure about making financial moves that seemed like no-brainers before? Feeling uncertain about what you should do next? I’m offering a Retirement Income Diagnostic to assess income streams and determine whether changes are needed to help protect lifestyles.

Market Insights – October 17, 2020

As earnings season kicks off, stocks endure a choppy week punctuated by lots of uncertainties and volatility


Through your military service, you’ve earned the right to enjoy financial peace of mind. Watch this video to see how we can help.

How to Be Happy When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

In finance and in life, expectations often eclipse reality. They become anchors for how we evaluate opportunities (like companies and stocks) and our own sense of happiness.

Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve

While the Federal Reserve’s decisions certainly impact the US (and global) economy, it’s important to know that the Fed does not set economic policy. The Fed does, however, control monetary policy in an attempt to influence the direction of the US economy. Let’s explore the history of the Federal Reserve, its role and how it carries out its mandate.

Understanding Interest Rates and Your Financial Situation

When discussing bank accounts, investments, loans, and mortgages, it is important to understand the concept of interest rates. Interest is the price you pay for the temporary use of someone else’s funds; an interest rate is the percentage of a borrowed amount that is attributable to interest. Whether you are a lender, a borrower, or both, carefully consider how interest rates may affect your financial decisions.

Market Insights – September 11, 2020

U.S. equity markets lose ground for the second week in a row despite mostly positive economic data and less volatility.