Insurance Strategy

Get the insurance products you need to mitigate the impact of a major life event on your assets.


As we get older, the probability of suffering from a life-altering disability raises dramatically. Four Oaks Financial aims to prepare through specific insurance packages designed to prevent serious damage to your finances in the case of a catastrophic health event.

Premature Death

We should all have the opportunity to live a long life, but some of us aren’t so fortunate. In those uncertain times, funeral expenses and estate settlement costs can weigh heavily on your nest egg. By utilizing varying levels of life insurance, you can prepare for the worst and lighten the financial burden on loved ones.

Outliving Income

Planning can only go so far. On occasion, clients simply don’t have enough capital to last us through retirement. In this scenario, there are a few options to consider, including some preliminary steps that may prevent running out of money. However, you need to act well before retirement to take advantage of these options.